Window air conditioners are the most easiest and most competent types of air conditioners. Window air conditioners installed in the window opening no maintenance required. It is recommended for those closed rooms where it is impossible to use other types of conditioners.


Wall split air conditioners advanced range with compact indoor unit. In the mode of high power allows you to quickly reach the climate comfortable. The function detects malfunction and prevents from breakdown at low level of freon.
Wall split can be used in home, with a special design. The air conditioner distributes the flow of air four directions.


Portable Air Conditioner has a very unique display that activated when the air conditiner is on. The device of the top panel has a very special mount for remote control that allows anyone to keep it close at hand. The noise level of portable air conditioners is so small that will not notice while its working during rest. In the night mode you are allow to maintain the air temperature during sleep.


Free standing air conditioner combines performance due to improved electric motors and fans with the design that attracting attention at a glimpse. The indoor unit doesn’t need wall mounting but directly put on the floor. Ideal solution for rooms when no opportunity for installation of device on wall or ceiling. The powerful airflow is move up to distance of 15m .


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